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Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

Hey, friend. Do you know of any babies celebrating their first Easter? FIrst holidays are so very exciting to celebrate, and Easter is definitely no exception. The Easter baskets, the cute little dress outfits, the pictures with them in their Sunday best? SO. CUTE.

Since babies can’t exactly eat candy, here is a list of Easter basket fillers for babies. I’m sure you will find at least one thing to add to your sweet one’s basket that they will LOVE. Let’s get comfy, and get started.


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Kickee Pants Pajamas

If you're willing to spend some pretty penny for pajamas, these are totally worth every penny. These are made of bamboo viscose and are VERY soft. And they come in SO MANY colors and styles, as well!

Bunny Romper

This is absolutely adorable, and friendlier on the pocketbook. Your little baby will look PRECIOUS dressed as a bunny!

Hooded Towel

This hooded towel is absolutely precious, and your little lamb will look so snuggly in it after their bath.

Muslin Swaddle Blankets

These blankets look like they have Easter eggs on them! They come in four different styles and colors, so there's a style most anyone will like!

Baby Lamb Slippers

Baby shoes are already adorable. Make them sheep baby shoes, and you quadruple the cuteness. They come in several sizes, colors, and styles, too!

Temperature Spoons

These spoons change colors whne put in food that is too hot for your baby. I have an older version of the spoons, and love them. Plus, the ends kind of look like Easter eggs!

Sippy Cups

If you're anything like me, you'll buy a ton of these by the time your child is 3. These bright cups would make a great multi-purpose addition to your baby's Easter basket.

Silicone Feeding Bibs

Bibs are essential for babies. These pastel silicone bibs are another great dual-purpose Easter basket filler that you will use again and again!

Gerber Puff Cereal Snacks

Not a fan of giving your baby candy? That's okay! Baby snacks such as these Gerber puff cereal snacks are a yummy alternative! My kids loved the sweet potato flavor, and they were good enough for me to snack on the vanilla ones.

Soft Book

Babies love soft books to chew on, and this book serves that purpose perfectly. Guess How Much I Love You is also a classic.
Babies LOVE finger puppet books! And this peep book is super precious!

Since they are super soft, you could buy them Peeps to eat while reading the book, as well!

I LOVED Precious Moments growing up- I had a little pink Bible of theirs. This book is the PERFECT way to introduce the story of Easter to your little one.

For more Easter-themed books ideas, visit my Easter Book blog page!


Carrot Teether- If you've bought your babe the peapod, banana, or corn counterpart, this carrot teether not only serves the same soothing result, but it's Easter themed! Get it? Carrots, bunnies?

Duck Egg Bath Toy

What baby doesn't love bath toys?! This Easter themed bath toy will give you and your baby lots of fun.


If your baby uses a pacifier, this is another dual-purpose gift that they will love for several reasons for months to come! It comes in several animal styles and colors.

Egg Shakers

These shaker toys are the PERFECT toy for your baby's Easter basket, and it's not just because of their egg-like shape! They make noises that your baby will want to shake to hear again and again!

Lamb Rattle

Look at that sweet little lamb face! This rattle would make such a cute addition to your baby's basket.

Bunny Taggy Chew Rattle

This lovable little multi-purpose stuffed taggie bunny would look super adorable sitting in your baby's Easter basket, and in their hand!

Monogrammed Bunny Lovey

This is the most PRECIOUS lovey! And it doesn't have to be monogrammed if you'd rather not, but how sweet would your baby's name look on it?

My First Easter Basket

This My First Easter Basket is pretty self explanatory. It's an adorable, pre-packaged Easter basket keepsake for your baby. They will enjoy the soft toys that it comes with, while you enjoy the memories they make on their first Easter with their first Basket.

Easter is such an exciting time- especially for parents of kids who get to enjoy the festivities. If this is your baby’s first Easter, I hope and pray that this year is the beginning of many fun Easters to come for you and your little one. 

I would love to hear from you, friend. What did you think of my list? Was there anything you thought that I should have added? If this is your baby’s first Easter, what are you looking forward to most on that day? Please, let me hear from you in the comments!

Thank you so very much for being with me today! As always, it was great to be with you. Until we meet again, friend. 

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