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Morning Routine: How to Create the Best Morning Experience

Hey, friend. Morning time can be rough, especially if you aren’t a morning person. Add children and/or a job into the mix, waking up and enjoying your morning can feel impossible. 

Insert Chaos here.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be! I am definitely NOT an organic morning person. Seriously, last year, I was the girl who HATED getting separated from my bed. I could stay all morning there if my husband (a naturally morning person) had let me.  

Let’s just say that he laughed at me, and got me up anyway.

I have had to develop a morning routine that makes me less likely to hate my life once I’m awake. And it has worked WONDERS for my sanity and mental health. 

Hopefully, these tips will be helpful in helping you develop your own morning routine. Alright, let’s get comfy, and get started!


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Commit to a Morning Routine Mindset

Friend, if you’re like me, finding the energy to get out of bed can be rough. The first few weeks are going to be difficult. It’s easier to expect this and be pleasantly surprised when you wake up ready to start your day.

That being said, committing to making this time about you and what you want to accomplish can make ALL of the difference in how your day goes. For me, it was wanting some quiet time before my kids woke up. What will this part of the morning be for you?

Have an Accountability Partner/Helper

If you have a roommate or are married, and they are home in teh mornings, enlist their help with dealing with any distractions until you are able to complete your routine. Ask them to kindly keep you accountable to accomplish your morning routine. If they’re interested, ask them to join you! You can plan your days together in each others’ company!

Find a Comfy Place to Spend part of your routine (but NOT your Bed!)

It is SO very tempting to start your morning off in bed. However, I firmly believe that having a routine start in the place you are trying to get out of is counter-productive. 

I am a recliner gal, myself. I plop down in my recliner, wrap myself up in a warm blanket or quilt, and hold my mug in my hands, breathing in the warm smell of coffee for just a moment to get my senses going.  

Do you have a favorite place to sit in your home? It could be a bean bag chair, a saucer chair, couch, desk chair, etc. ANYTHING that is comfortable, but not comfortable enough to make you want to crawl right back into your warm bed. 

Enjoy a Nice Beverage of Your Choice!

I finally became a coffee person at age 27 after having my second kiddo. Every morning, I make a cup of coffee with a packet of hot chocolate mix with marshmallows, or french vanilla creamer. Some mornings, I even get fancy and squeeze some Reddi-Wip  whipped topping on top. To me, there’s nothing I look forward to more in the mornings than a warm cup of comfort. YUM!

Are you a coffee person? Or do you prefer tea? Maybe you’d just like a cool glass of water or milk? Find whatever brings you the most comfort/joy first thing in the morning and look forward to having it every morning! 

Let everything about the drink be a blessing that fills you up. Pick a cute mug or cup that brings you joy to see to put your drink in every morning. If you’re a mama like me, and you enjoy your coffee hot whenever you can get to it, I highly recommend an insulated mug like this one!

Add Some Water and Breakfast with your Morning Beverage

I have always heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why not make that meal something enjoyable? I used to make peanut butter mug cakes for breakfast so I would have protein. 

Are you a cheese lover? Have a cheesy omelette or sausage and cheesy toast (my son’s favorite). If you prefer quick and easy, you can always eat oatmeal or cereal with milk and almonds for breakfast. I’m a cereal person, so I really enjoy a good bowl of Blueberry Morning cereal, which has blueberries, almonds, and multi-grain clusters. 

I have a VERY hard time finding this in grocery stores, but you can make your own with dried blueberries and Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds. SO good.

Equally important is to rehydrate your body with water around breakfast time. I LOVE water, but it makes me feel sick to my stomach to drink it before eating a bite of food or drinking coffee. Weird, right? BUT, after I have some coffee and am able to take a bite of breakfast, the coffee combined with the water I drink helps me not overeat in the mornings. Score!

It’s a good idea to invest in a water bottle that can be used not only in the mornings, but refilled for the rest of the day. I have this exact one, and I LOVE it. This water bottle is another cute option with encouraging messages on it!  

Find Something Inspirational to Add to Your Morning

I’m a Christian, so in the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus. I have a 365 day Chronological Order Bible that I read a section of every morning. It helps me set the tone for the rest of the day.

If you aren’t a Christian, you could read any book that fills your soul with peace and joy. Another idea is to read something that invigorates you to live better today.

If reading isn’t your thing, you could do yoga or stretch while meditating on uplifting messages. That also gets your blood flowing in the morning, which is a plus!

My one rule of thumb is NO PHONES OR SOCIAL MEDIA. Those things can wait- this time is about soul nourishment and getting ready for the day ahead. It is so easy to become lost in the world of social media and lose focus on your goals. Schedule another block of time t

Get a Planner to Schedule the Rest of your Day

I love all things big print, so I currently use a See It Bigger brand planner. I also have had amazing experience with the Lion Planner for smaller planners to carry with you on the go. 

This brand has AMAZING customer service. Both my husband and I planned our mornings together with our matching planners from them.

Prioritize One Thing To Do and Make it Happen!

I’m sure you’re thinking “But Cori… Only ONE thing?! I have SO much to DO!” I get it, friend. However, if you’re like me, some days you only have the energy to do one thing, and with only one thing to set out to do, you won’t feel like a complete failure as if you didn’t get anything done. If you feel brave and are up for the challenge, add 2-3 things to your list. I dare you :P. 

Setting the mood for your morning sets the mood for the entire rest of the day. I firmly believe that. I hope you see the benefit of making yourself a morning routine, friend. What about you? What do you think about this list? Did I leave something super important off that you want to incorporate in your own routine? Please, share with me in the comments, I would love to learn from you.

Regardless of what your own steps look like, the most important thing about a morning routine is being intentional with your time and to find simple joys in every step. If you aren’t in control of the time in your day, the time of day controls you. Time is finite- make the best of it. 🙂 


As always, it was so good to be with you today. You are such a blessing. Until we meet again, friend.


  • Janine

    This is so helpful! I too am not a morning person naturally but my days are so much better and productive when I’m up and active early. Great tips!

  • Michele Somerville

    Just noticed this post from last week and love it. I am at the opposite end of life (not end of life) retired, working part time, not always as organized as I would like or should be, if I Want to accomplish certan things. Lots of good advice here. Also, Give me Jesus too, but I love the fact that you provide options for folks who do not share that belief. I think it was gracious and also important:) Blessings, Michele Somerville, The Beach Girl Chronicles

    • happily.ever.alexanders@gmail.com

      Thank you so much for reading, Michele! I work very part time currently, as well, so I can understand from that perspective! And thank you for being another Christ follower who knows that there are other people in this world who don’t share our beliefs but still need to be included- I find it refreshing 🙂

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