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Save Money On Easter These 7 Easy Ways

Hey, friend! Easter is coming upon us quickly, and if you’re anything like me, you’re looking for ways to save on what could end up being a holiday that rivals that of Christmas. Here are some different ideas on how to celebrate Easter “on the cheep.” Get it? Cheep? Eggs? *crickets* …Okay, let’s get started. 

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Forgo Easter Cards and Write your Love messages on Easter Eggs instead!

No offense to anyone who loves all things Hallmark, but when you’re on a budget, store bought cards are a frivolous expense (i.e. “fluff”). 

Instead, you can write your messages on either plastic eggs or dyed eggs that you make yourself! 

Use the Golden Rule of Four Gifts: Want, Need, Wear, and Read.

Like any other present-geared holiday, this little formula  is gold (both in your planning and your pocketbook). This makes Easter basket shopping less expensive, time-consuming, and stressful.

If you’re a Christian celebrator like myself, and still utilize Easter baskets for your kiddos, you could use the number 3 instead of 4 to signify the days that Christ was crucified and died, buried in the tomb, and the day He rose! This can also save you even MORE money! You can decide which category to forgo in this case. 

An example of this would be: Candy (your child’s want), fun new dress socks (something to wear), and a new book (something to read). Use your child’s preferences and get creative! Bonus points if you somehow relate it to Easter!

If you are looking for book ideas for kids, check out my Easter Books blog post! I’ve compiled over 50 options for your perusing pleasure. 🙂 

Share an Easter Meal with Friends (if you feel safe enough to do so)

COVID makes things hard. Especially getting together with friends. However, if you feel safe enough to socially distance and wear masks, you could use your best judgement to see whether this is an option for you. 

(Side-note, friend: This is not health/medical advice, nor am I a medical authority such as the CDC– I am not liable for what happens should you make this decision. Make your own best judgements based on what the CDC says about meeting with others outside of your household.)

A safer alternative could be to cut your portion of the meal into portions that will feed the other families you involve and host a Skype based Easter Meal in your own homes and still share fellowship with one another.

Need ideas on where to meet to swap your pot-luck portions? Meeting at church is what comes to my mind if you attend a service on Easter, but somewhere public and distanced like a grocery store parking lot or park could also work.

Save your plastic eggs and reuse them every year

If you have little kiddos who love Easter egg hunts with candy filled eggs, this is a must. I get that sometimes it’s just easier to not boil eggs and just use those readily available filled with candy and toys. Honestly, I don’t know a single child that likes eating actual boiled eggs over eating candy out of plastic eggs, anyway.

If you don’t want to be stuck holding eggs all year round in your storage, you could include other families with young kiddos and take turns every year swapping who holds the eggs for one year at a time. That way, other families can also save money and the planet with you!

This 200 pack could be shared with multiple families (depending on how many kids you each have), and the cost split between everyone. Everyone saves this way!

Forgo buying a new outfit, or Buy Easter Outfits from thrift stores/borrow from friends

One of my favorite Easter traditions growing up was finding a new dress to wear to church on Easter morning. In order to save money, however, it may not be lucrative to buy an entirely new outfit. If you feel like this tradition can be skipped, go ahead and do it. It could save you A LOT of money depending on how many people are in your family to buy new outfits for.

If this tradition is one of your favorites as well, don’t worry!  Consider instead buying a single, less expensive new accessory, such as a new bowtie for your guys, or a new bow or shoes for your girl to wear with an old outfit. 

If you still want to go “all-out” without going “all-out” on a price tag, consider buying outfits from a thrift store in your town or online like ThredUp. Or if you have friends that have kids around your children’s ages, do a clothing swap to save money and still feel new and fresh like an Easter lily.


Forgo Easter Baskets entirely, or use the same ones year after year.

I had the same Easter basket from my First Easter until now as an adult (which is in a closet somewhere since we moved recently).  

If you don’t feel like you can justify making Easter baskets a tradition, whether due to expenses or personal preference, don’t! No judgement here! You just have to figure out what YOUR preferences are and what your values are for this holiday. 

If Easter baskets are a no-go to skip, that’s okay, too! Avoid buying a pre-made one every year by buying a quality basket you can continue to use for years to come. I prefer cloth over wicker due to cloth being easier to store and less likely to break over a wicker Easter basket.  

Another way to save money is to use a basket that is already in your home, such as a laundry basket or a toy basket. Get creative! Dual (or multiple) purposing things is the ultimate money-saver. 

Buy one candy full price, and buy the rest on sale later.

One of the best things about holidays is the candy sale the day afterwards. You could pick one or two types of candies (i.e. more popular ones like Reeses Eggs or Peeps that will all sell out), and buy the filler candy (i.e. everything else) the day after when the same candy is a fraction of the price. The sweeter the deal, the sweeter the candy, in my opinion. 


No one says you have to spend oodles for any holiday, and Easter is no exception. As long as the spirit of the holiday, whatever that looks like for you is shown and shared, who cares how much or little you spend. Besides you and your bank account, of course 😉

 If you have a running budget, I hope this post is helping you make the decisions to stick to your guns regarding spending. If you don’t have a budget, I hope that it was helpful to give you some ideas on how to save money on Easter itself and still enjoy the holiday. 

Friend, I would love to know, what is your favorite Easter-themed candy? Mine would have to be Cadbury Creme Eggs and Reeses Eggs, followed by the original flavor Peeps Marshmallows. Yum 🙂

As always, it was great to be with you today. Until we meet again, friend. 


  • Mikhaela

    Love how you mention alternative ways to hold a Easter Celebration at home. I always love to get new dress before and it was always dress. However, I realized being thrift is always will be the best choice to save money for your savings.


      Thank you so much for reading, Mikhaela! Getting a brand new Easter dress was always one of our traditions growing up. But, I have started loving thrift shops even more. I recently bought a Matilda Jane Easter dress for my little girl at a thrift store for $10, which is cheaper than a lot of brand new dresses even at Wal-mart!

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