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Baby Boys’ Easter Outfits (newborn-12/18 months)

Hey, friend! Easter is coming up, and if you’re anything like me, you’re excited to see little guys and gals in their Easter best! I have compiled a list of baby boys’ Easter outfits that the little guy in your life is sure to look handsome in. Get ready for cuteness overload! Get cozy, and let’s get started.

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Baby Boys' Outfits

Suspenders and bowties are THE CUTEST on little boys! This outfit is perfect for Easter!
Three-piece tuxedo with beret and vest- This ouftit has all of the bells and whistles. It comes with several pieces, and the crotch has buttons so you don't have to take his entire outfit off for diaper changes! Score!
Plaid Stand Collar Rabbit Romper- If you already have a pair of dress pants, and want to save some money, this is the perfect top. It's inexpensive and your little guy will still look classy.
Gingham Shirt, bowtie, and suspenders- This outfit will have him looking as bright as an Easter egg- and there are multiple colors to choose from!
Long Sleeve Shirt and Bowtie Overall Outfit- This outfit has long sleeves to keep your little guy warmer if you live in an area where it's still cooler around Easter. And if you absolutely love the outfit, it goes all the way up to 3t so you can buy it over and over again.
Tuxedo Gentlemen Onesie Romper- Dressy cardigans, anyone? *Insert heart eyes here* Your guy will look super dapper in this outfit.
My FIrst Easter Outfit- If it's your little guy's first Easter, you're going to LOVE these two outfits! One has a bunny tail!

One Pieces

Gerber Baby 3-pack Sleep and Play- If your little guy is a preemie size like mine was when he was born, you'll probably not find many dress clothes options for him ( I couldn't. If you find some, please let me know in the comments!) HOWEVER, that doesn't mean he can't look cute and celebrate Easter with the rest of us! These pajamas will keep him festive and comfy.
Cableknit Sweater Romper- This onesie is absolutely precious. It comes in 3 different colors, and is sure to keep your babe warm.

Baby Boys' Shoes and Socks

Canvas Shoes- These shoes will go well with just about any outfit with brown or denim in it. Aren't they ADORABLE?!
Pre-walker PU Sneakers- These come in several different colors, so the options will match just about any outfit. And they come in three different baby sizes.
Sperry- To me, Sperry are the ultimate spring dress shoe for boys. These are pretty affordable, and don't have laces to deal with- Score!
Baby Oxford shoes- There is NOTHING cuter than little boys dressed in their Sunday best with little dressy oxford shoes on.
Moccasins-Baby mocassins are some of my FAVORITE shoes. And they come in several different colors- like Easter Eggs!
Dress Socks- In order to complete the look, you have to have some dress socks! These come in several different colors, are gender neutral, and are sure to polish off your little guy's look!

Aren’t baby boys’ clothes SO adorable?! Suspenders, bow-ties, and vests- oh my! I am so glad that you stopped by today to look at all of these adorable outfits with me. 

Tell me, friend, which is your favorite outfit from my list? What are your favorite Easter colors to see little baby boys in? Please, let me know in the comments!

As always, it was so great to be with you today. You are a blessing. Take care of yourself until we meet again, friend.


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