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Work From Home: 10 Genius Ways to Maximize Organization

Hey, Friend! If you work from home like myself, you know that  getting into that working groove can be extremely difficult. Not to worry! These items can help you stay organized and productive all throughout your work day. Get comfy, and let’s get started! 

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1. Desk Notepad for Ideas

I use my desk notepad for EVERYTHING- notes for work, blog ideas, doodles, brain dumps, etc.  And when I fill up one page, I tear it off and have an entirely new sheet to fill up! I find it to be a useful place for ideas until I can find time to organize them.

Work Paper Desk Pad

2. Planner/Work Notebook

As a mama with ADHD, I have to have different notebooks and planners for very specific things, or I would never find any of my brain dump notes. I have a large print daily planner, and separate notebooks for my a to-do lists, Bible reading, bullet journal idea,  mental health,  and blog ideas. And those are only what I’m currently using! Once I put things onto my desk notepad, I take each individual thought and put them all into their “home” notebook! Because every thought deserves it’s own home where it belongs (and where I can find it later when I need it!). 

3. Calendar for Work and Activities

I am not a tech person, so I use a good old fashioned paper wall calendar, which I love. It’s also large so I can write things in each day’s box if need be! Since it’s beside my desk, my husband has access to it and can write things that he has to do in it, so we can keep up with each other and what we are doing for the day! 

4. Timer to keep on task

Timers are ESSENTIAL for me to be able to keep to the task at hand should my mind attempt to wander away and focus on something else. Using something like the Pomodoro method, I focus intently on the task at hand for the amount of time the timer is set for. When it goes off, time for the next task!

A lot of times, I use alarms on my phone, or if it’s my son’s screen time, I use my microwave timer to let him know when his time is up. This is very helpful if you don’t have a hand-held timer.

5. Aesthetic Things for Office Space

We as humans are creatures that love and appreciate beauty. Our work place shouldn’t be all practical- it should also serve as a place we WANT to spend time while we have to. For example, I have a succulent plant in an old mug of mine, a candle on my desk, and a watercolor painting of our old house on the wall. 

What pretty things can you place around your work area that won’t distract you, but will serve as a reason for you to enjoy your space a little more? 

6. Sound Proof Wall Panels

These sound proof wall panels are a lifesaver if you have noisy neighbors, roommates, or kids. They help dampen the noise in whatever room they happen to be placed in, which allows you to be more productive and focus more on your work. My husband bought me some similar to these to put up when I do therapy from home, and they have worked pretty well!

Work Sound Proof Panels

7. Correction Tape for Work Documents

Because we all make mistakes. Or, as Bob Ross calls them, “Happy little accidents.” Except sometimes, we need to fix the happy little accidents or cover them up on our papers we are supposed to turn in to someone lest we are tempted to scribble the mistake out. Not that I’ve done that before. Okay, I have. I admit. 

For those pesky little oopsies, correction tape is my best friend. Because, again, ADHD.

8. Water Bottle

I use this water bottle to keep hydrated throughout the day. I love it. It’s pretty, and I like that I can lock the lid when it’s not in use so my kids can’t open it and backwash Cheetos in it without my permission. Having one readily available keeps me at my desk instead of leaving to go get drinks, which leads me to be more productive in my work.

9. An Empty Voicemail Box

I’m looking at myself here- I really need to get better about deleting my old emails and voicemails. I’m the world’s worst about letting them stack up. BUT, when both are cleaned, I feel like a new woman. 

10. Work File Organizer/Binder

Since I am all paper over here, I LOVE my file organizer. I use it for both of my therapy jobs, as well as tax information, personal information such as addresses and phone numbers, and art projects- both incomplete and completed. I also have an accordion binder in my desk drawer that I keep bills and medical info in that I may need for however long. For all of the paper I own, it’s nice for every piece of them to have a home. You could honestly use either of these, or both if you have a lot of papers like myself!


There is just something so comforting about simplifying the look of your desk. The less cluttered and organized our workspace is, the less cluttered our minds become and the more productive we can be. 

What about you, friend? If you work from home, what can you absolutely not live without? If you work in an office somewhere, what do you use to keep you organized in your space? I would love to hear from you in the comments. 

Thank you so much for stopping by! As always, it is so good to be with you today. You really are a blessing to me. Until we meet again, friend. 


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